Diary of Tears CastEdit

Diary of Tears (2011 TV series)

Airing Date

August 8,2011-September 9,2011

Total Episodes




Theme Song

Luha by Franchesca Mays

Preceeded By

Wish (2011 TV series)

Main Cast

  • Denise Zamora as Aya Garcia
  • Jian Campbell as Erick Angeles

Supporting Cast

  • Emillio Agoncillo as Henry Madrigal/Dr. Madrigal
  • Victor Jimenez as Jaime Garcia
  • Queenie Zamora as Miranda Garcia
  • Kim Park as Abigail Garcia
  • Angelo Maxwell as Jacob Garcia
  • Donita Wong as Rika Garcia
  • Sharmaine Johnson as Mari Belle Sandoval
  • Franchesca Mays as Grace de Leon
  • Isaac Gibson as Kris Monte Mayor
  • Seiji Hernandez as Tyrone Moreno