Kamusta Ka?Edit

Kamusta Ka?

Airing Date

September 20,2010-October 29,2010

Total Episodes




Main Cast

  • Adrian Harris as Francis Ybarra
  • Lucia Collins as Hannah Buenaventura
  • Sam Fuentes as Adrian Zamora
  • Karen Sterling as Charice Angeles
  • Rina Yamase as Isabelle Fuma

Suppoting Cast

  • Ericka Cruz as Trixie Buenaventura = (Hannah's older sister)
  • Bianca Moreno as Rosa Ybarra = (Francis mom)
  • Rosa Estrella as Yna Buenaventura = (Hannah and Trixie's evil mom)
  • Tony Flores as Warren Buenaventura = (Hannah and Trixie's dad)
  • Erick vergara as Elias Zamora = (Adrian's dad)
  • Eula Uytingco as Eva Angeles = (Charice's mom)
  • Samuel Cruz as Ynigo Angeles = (Charice's dad)
  • Tina Houston as Tina Angeles = (Hannah's bestfriend/later her enemy)
  • Sarah Yamamoto as Hillary Alegre = (Hannah's 2nd Bestfriend)
  • Rick Harris as Edwin = (Francis friend/like Hillary)
  • Arc Anderson as JC = (Francis friend who betrayed him/like Hannah)

Guest Cast

  • Sarah Shoda as Young Hannah
  • Jason Uy as Young Francis
  • Harry Zamora as Young Adrian
  • Princess Tan as Young Charice
  • Lola de Mercier as Young Isabelle
  • Donita Wong as Young Trixie
  • Denise Olinares as Young Tina

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