Magi Magic: Cindy Rella

Airing Date

March 5,2012-April 13,2012

Total Episodes





Fantasy, Romance

Cindy Rella (Kara Davies) is a lovely girl who cares a lot for others. And she's also known as a princess because she came from a very rich family. Though some people don't like her because of her name they think it's too stupid and lame that's why she got the nick name of "Princess Cinderella" and which she don't like. She met Joshua "Josh" del Rosario (Josh Petersen) who finds her charming.On the other hand Cindy's wannabe friend Aira (Yasmin Petersen) likes Joshua, though Josh doesn't like her, so Aira thought that Cindy's been saying things to Josh that's why Josh doesn't like her and that's when they're friendship ended.On the other hand Aaron Flores (Kristopher Kuga) Cindy's childhood friend has confesses to her that she likes her. But Cindy literally turn him down because she doesn't what's her feeling for the time. Who will she choose? Joshua or Aaron?


  • Kara Davies as Cindy Rella
  • Josh Petersen as Joshua "Josh" del Rosario
  • Yasmin Petersen as Aira Mendoza
  • Kristopher Kuga as Aaron Flores

Supporting Cast

  • Daniel Arce as Harold Rella = Cindy's loving father
  • Urissa Montenegro as Genesis Rella = Cindy's loving mother
  • Norbert Silangan as Jerome Mendoza = Aira's loving father
  • Daniella Paredes as Lisset Mendoza = Aira's evil step mother.
  • Henry Monteverde as Alfred Flores = Aaron's loving father
  • Ami Yamamoto as Drizelle = Cindy's best friend
  • Hana Mays as Jane = Aira's new friend
  • Sam Fuentes as Leo = Joshua's best friend
  • Enzo Garcia as Leroy = Aaron's best friend

Guest Cast

  • Donita Wong as Young Cindy