Secret of the 4 Leaf Clover 2: FriendshipEdit

Secret of the 4 Leaf Clover 2: Friendship

Release Date

March 5,2012



Distributed by

MBN Films



Directed By

Helena Monteverde

  • Nancy Fernandez as Valerie Soriano
  • Aya Sterling as Iya Angeles
  • Tanya Valdez as Belle Dominguez
  • Kimberley Chen as Sarah Chua

Supporting Cast

  • Warren Barcelona as Erick Vergara
  • Gabe Lawrence as Alex Montenegro
  • Daniel Reyes as Leo Zamora

Guest Cast

  • Bea Marcelo as Young Valerie
  • Nami Wallner as Young Iya
  • Nadia Fujisaki as Young Belle
  • Donita Wong as Young Sarah

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