There’s a war going on in the magic world to gain the power of the magic wand, so Jamie (Ericka Arellano) decides to throw the magic wand to the human world and that the only one who can get is the person who deserves it. Sarah Abella (Princess Tan) was on her way home to school when she finds a magic wand lying on the ground not knowing that in contains a magical power she keeps it.

Storybook Presents Magic WandEdit

  • Princess Tan as Sarah Abella
  • Diana Quezon as Grace Abella
  • Justin Jones as Michael Abella
  • Levi Anderson as Oliver Abella
  • Michelle Guo as Stefanie Madrigal/Persephanie
  • Zach David as Carlo Abella
  • Francine Isidro as Ingrid Abella
  • Donita Wong as Gigi

Supporting Cast

  • Sandy King as Valerie
  • Beatrice Green as Belle
  • Bethany Sanchez as Ella

Guest Cast

  • Ericka Arellano as Jamie
  • Hannah Kim as Krystal
  • Donato Fausto as Haring Simon
  • Jellaine Madrigal as Reyna Magenta
Storybook Presents Magic Wand

Airing Date

November 5,2011-January 28,2012

Total Episodes


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