Twin Hearts (2011 TV series)Edit

Twin Hearts (2011 TV series)


Twin Hearts


May 30,2011 - July 18,2011


36 (scheduled)

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Main Cast

Actor Character Character Description
Meilin Li Celine Zhang A Chinese/Filipina girl who is clumsy, beautiful, nice, and smart, dreams to be an actress. She is also the bestfriend of Kim. She has a secret crush on Christian but only shy to aceppts in and she always says that Christian would never like her because she's ugly. Celine also very quite in school but when someone's bully her bestfriend Kim she then fights for her bestfriend.
Kim Park Kimberlee "Kim" Song A Korean/Filipina student of Monteverde Academy. she is cheerful but sometimes shy and quite unlike her bestfriend Celine.
Christian Kim Christian "Chris" Park Alex's bestfriend. He likes Kim but when he met Celine and got to know her better he comes to like her.
Jason Hyland David Cruz Javier's twin brother and the boyfriend of Emily. But later he breaks up with Emily and has a confussion about his feelings for Celine and Kim but later on he then realizes that Kim is more important to him that Celine.
Arc Anderson Alex Gibson Christian's bestfriend who always finds a way to keep everyone together and happy. He doesn't have any girlfriend or anyone he likes but later on it is revealed that he has a secret crush on Marian.
Keasha Madison Emily Garcia David's girlfriend later his ex-girlfriend. She blames Celine of why David breaks up with her but when she finds out that David likes Kim and not Celine she then will make Kim's life miserable.
Jerry Hyland Javier Cruz David's twin brother. He helps David through his problem he also exchange identity with David because David doesn't know who he really likes so they exchange identity so until David is talking to Kim he is talking to Celine then they exchange again. It is also revealed that Javier hated Celine before due to the fact that Celine always beats him in a contest but when he exchange identity with David he gets to know her better and comes to like her as his friend. He will later meet Eliza.
Isabella Curtis Claudia Salvador Claudia is Keasha's childhood friend. When she is in 6th grade and even in the present she like Javier. And when she misunderstood that Javier likes Celine and that Celine like Javier back she is very hurt and sware that she will make Celine life miserable.
Hannah Hyuga Marian Santos A shy girl but has many talents. She is usually shy around many people, but Celine and Kim who treated her as their bestfriend. She also doesn't know that Alex likes her until Alex told her his feelings for her.
Tina Houston Andrea Zhang Step sister of Celine on her father's side. She seeks revenge at Celine and her mother due to the beliefs that Celine's mother took her father away from her and her mother. She also will make Eliza's life miserable due to the fact that she get's the big inheritance and not her.
Krystal Reyes Eliza Montemayor The real daughter and only daughter of Vergel Montemayor. She is the step sister of Andrea on mother side who will suffer from her stepsister and step mother but when she met Kim and Celine she will learn how to fight and protects her father's fortune and reputation.

Supporting Cast

Actor Character Character Description
Christopher Olinares Alfonso Zhang Father of Celine and husband of Teresa. He is also the step husband of Maricel.
Gabriella Silang Teresa Perez-Zhang Mother of Celine and the sister of Maricel
Donita Wong Angela Zhang the little sister of Celene. She is really good at drawing.
Grace Santiago Maricel Perez-Zhang/Montemayor

Mother of Andrea and step mother of Eliza, She marries Vergel not because she loves him, she marries because of his power and wealth. And to have revenge to her sister Teresa and Alfonso.

Lorena Uy Betty Salcedo-Song The wife of Manny and the mother of Kim and Jennifer.
Tony Flores Vergel Montemayor stepdad of Andrea, the real dad of Eliza and the 2nd husband of Maricel. He died in later in the story when he got in a car accident.
Yang Zamora Song Hyun Bin/Manny Song The husband of Betty and the father of Kim and Jennifer. He owns a big company in Manila.
Rosa Estrella Geneva Park the mother of Christian who is very strict and wants Christian to marry Kim because Kim has a Korean blood like them.
Erick Vergara Daniel Park the husband of Geneva and the father of Christian, his business partner is Manny Song the father of Kim.
Nancy Wan Veronica Cruz the mother of Javier and David. She owns a Flower shop called "Enchanted Flower Shop"
Carlos Toralba Florence Cruz the father of Javier and David, the husband of Veronica. He owns the "Cruz Inc"
Samuel Cruz Oscar Gibson the father of Alex her wife died when Alex is only 5 yrs. old due to cancer. He owns a restaurant.
Eula Uytingco Elizabeth Garcia the mother of Emily. Her husband left her because the family doesn't want her due to the cause that she's poor. So when that happens she started a sari sari store and the sari sari store became a success into a super market. She is also the one who taught Emily how to fight for her own good.
Violetta Wallner Miranda Salvador the grandma of Claudia and the mother of Claudia's dad. She will do everything to make her granddaughter happy.
Samantha Hernandez Cynthia Santos the mother of Marian, Michael, and Phoebe. The wife of Carlos
Oscar Ongpauco Carlos Santos the father of Marian, Michael, and Phoebe. The husband of Cynthia. He owns a company
Nami Anderson Shirley Santos the eldest of the Santos siblings. She is working in their company, she's also training herself to be the next president of the Santos company.
Alex Saijo Michael Santos the second eldest of the Santos family. the brother of Marian, Shirley, and Phoebe. He is a famous celebrity.
Alison Gonzaga Phoebe Santos the youngest of the Santos family. She is really good at playing the piano.
Nathalia Venefsukja Jennifer Song Kim's little sister
Madeline Hurst Jessie Asuncion Friend of Celine and Kim

Guest Cast

Actor Character Character Description
Alicia Cruz Young Celene plays the younger Celene (Meilin Li)
Sarah Lee Young Kimberlee "Kim" plays the younger Kim (Kim Park)
Kyle Sony Young Alex plays the younger Alex (Arc Anderson)
Bernadette Moreno Violeta Gibson the wife of Oscar and the mother of Alex she died due to Leukemia

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